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Proform American Manufacturing are skilled craftsmen that deliver strong, reliable, and timely manufactured precision parts. Precision manufacturing doesn’t leave room for error, and neither do we. When you need parts that match your specs, rely on Proform, a manufacturing company for precision fabrication at its best.

Proform American Manufacturing, bringing excellence to our customers since 1984.

The foundation of our company is our customer’s satisfaction. We build each part with honor and craftsmanship. We understand that if your machine doesn’t work because one of our parts failed, then we failed, and that’s detrimental to both of us. Therefore, we quality-check every step of the process. No part is too small. We take all our projects seriously.

Proform Manufacturing Company MFG Facility

Craftsmanship in our applications and material is our pride.

Proform is committed to manufacturing the best in precision parts. Therefore, our machinists are skilled experts with multiple years of experience whose knowledge spans many different processes and equipment. We combine practices in precision machining, fabrication, and engineering. Our professional machinists handle numerous machines to perform drilling, grinding, cutting, welding, bending, surfacing, and more.

If your project requires something additional, don’t worry.

We work with a few trusted providers for additional services such as plating, passivation, gun drilling, heat treatment, powder coating, and other surface treatments. With Proform American Manufacturing, there’s never a need to go from a machining shop to another process before your product is complete. We work only with trusted professionals whose work meets our strict quality guidelines.

Generation upon generation of skill, knowledge, and superior craftsmanship are the foundation of today’s manufacturers. Proform American Manufacturing’s mission is to bring the highest quality parts to our customers. We deliver under deadlines and have a proven track record of customer satisfaction. Don’t get stuck under a deadline that the other guy’s promise and can’t deliver. Precision machining works faster and more efficiently than traditional machining. We use the latest technology in manufacturing equipment, including plasma cutting, 5-axis movement, and computer-generated manufacturing. Further, we deliver parts worldwide. So, no matter where you are, if you need a part, Proform Manufacturing can make it.

Proform MFG Machine Shop - Fabrication Specialists

Industry Fabrication Specifics

Proform capabilities are in precision machining, fabrication, and engineering. Proform American Manufacturing is the correct manufacturing company to complete the job, from small-batch medical parts to military production parts, large construction weldments, and much more.
CAD, CAM, 5-axis machining, surfacing, prototypes, production lathe machining, large scale weldments, Swiss-style machining, and more

  • Bar feed up to 3″ bar stock
  • Swiss machining 4- axis and 5-axis up to 1.25″ round bar
  • Tube bending up to 3″ thick
  • Sheet metal forming up to 12′ long
  • Plasma cutting up to ½” thick 5′ x 10′ sheets.
  • MIG, and TIG welding steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.
  • Tumbling, sandblasting, polishing, and painting.
  • Our trusted vendor partners provide gun drilling, and additional surface finishes/coatings.
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Customers rely on us to get it done.

Proform American Manufacturing works independently. We focus on your details to get the job done to precision specifications while allowing business owners to work on other things. Customers feel confident during our manufacturing process, knowing continued performance checks happen throughout. Our manufacturing process gets the job done correctly with precision accuracy, whether hundreds, thousands, or hundreds of thousands of parts. Also, your production and projects stay on time without further delays with an on-schedule delivery.

Why buying parts built in the USA is so important. Buying American-made parts ensures the quality standards that our American businesses must adhere to by federal laws. We also follow OSHA and non-child labor laws that support healthy work environments for our workers. Furthermore, purchasing products made here in the USA is essential to our economy and supports American jobs.

Additionally, buying from American manufacturers increases supply and demand for domestic products. It stimulates the American economy and reduces debts to foreign country trading efforts.

Best of all, purchasing domestically lowers the carbon footprint and reduces overseas and long-distance shipping emissions. Product transportation burns non-renewable resources and pollutes the environment with carbon emissions. Buying domestically drastically reduces the damaging effects by cutting down the emissions.

Superior customer service is a strength. Caring about our clients manufacturing needs begins with listening to your specific concerns. We can set up a project quote for you anytime. More importantly, we are here to discuss your particular concerns with the project and help you to discover new and innovative solutions to your problems. One of our friendly team members is always waiting to assist you.

When it comes to feeling secure with the manufacturing company you’re hiring, it starts by learning about us and seeing how genuine we are in our efforts to solve our clients’ problems. Metal fabrication is more than a job to us. It’s how we give back to our community. Building safer, reliable parts for industries in our community means we are contributing to the livelihood of our community. We enjoy aiding industries in making improved new products for a thriving economy and a great place to live and work. Let’s manufacture parts worthy of our communities’ trust and respect.

When we opened Proform American Manufacturing, we understood that the parts manufacturing industry was evolving. Our passion comes from discovering new ways to help clients. As innovators in an ever-changing industry, we continually seek out the newest processes and equipment to provide the best possible products at the lowest possible cost. We are continuously pushing the limits of what we can create and finding better solutions to our client’s needs. Our advanced knowledge of the materials allows us to do things other fabrication specialists won’t try.

The continued evolution of technology and machines means we need to keep updated on the latest technologies. Our pledge to our customers is to bring you reliability in the best products with the newest technology. We may not be the ones that made the technology, but we certainly are the ones to find new ways to get more benefits and better results from it. Our journey to solve problems is constantly in motion. Proform American Manufacturing solves customers’ problems with superior materials, knowledge, and advanced technology.

Proform American Manufacturing covers all your manufacturing needs. We’re determined to make your life easier in the process. Owners no longer worry about delays in timelines. Our short timelines get you operational as quickly as possible. We create an innovative product to your custom specifications. We’re also great at solving fabrication problems. We’ll do everything to ensure the new products get to you safely and on time. In the same vein, you won’t waste time checking up on your manufacturer.

Businesses trust that we follow your blueprints and specifications to the finite detail. Skilled artisans handle the job professionally from start to finish. Also, we perform quality checks at every step of the process. Our customers rest easy and have the time to concentrate on their business while we complete the manufacturing process.

Finally, we want all of our customers to know that we appreciate you for choosing an American manufacturer. Thank you for supporting our American laborers. You can be proud of making a choice to help the U.S. economy. Thank you for choosing American manufacturing!

Manufacturing worker operating precision CNC machine.

Trust Proform American Manufacturing to keep you focused on your business while getting the job done. We are a manufacturing company that takes action in independent precision manufacturing so business owners can concentrate on their customers.

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