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Proform Manufacturing – Your Informative Machining Resource

As a prominent precision machining company, Proform American Manufacturing is committed to fabricating the best in precision parts. Therefore, we want to share our experience and knowledge gained over the last 38 years in the manufacturing industry. Below is a collection of precision fabrication and manufacturing resources, including informational articles, events, machining industry news, and more.

Machining Resource for Information Articles News and More.

The Indiana Manufacturers Association Welcome’s Proform!

Proform Manufacturing Joins the Indiana Manufacturers Association In September 2023, Proform Manufacturing joined the Indiana Manufacturers Association as a new member. This prestigious organization is Indiana's leading advocate for the industry and works with [...]

Proform Manufacturing and Cogent Analytics Private Equity Enter Partnership for Growth

Major Company Announcement From Proform Manufacturing In August 2023, Proform Manufacturing entered a business partnership with Cogent Analytics Private Equity. Cogent Analytics Private Equity sees Proform as a strong investment. Proform welcomed this partnership [...]

Precision Machining- Redefining What The Future Looks Like

Precision Machining and It's Role in US Manufacturing In the realm of modern manufacturing, where innovation and quality converge, precision machining has emerged as a key driving force in US Manufacturing. At the forefront of [...]

Industrial Machinery Components In CNC Manufacturing

Industrial Machinery Components in CNC Manufacturing Industrial machinery components are vital in manufacturing, driving efficiency, productivity, and innovation. As technology advances at an unprecedented pace, these machines and components have undergone remarkable transformations. They [...]

American Manufacturing Post Covid-19

The Future of American Manufacturing: Embracing Customization and Precision Introduction: The Resurgence in American Manufacturing  The American manufacturing sector is undergoing a transformative period driven by domestic manufacturing. Clean energy, supply chain resilience, and [...]

Predictive Maintenance Tools in CNC Manufacturing

Predictive Maintenance Tools in CNC Precision Manufacturing In CNC precision manufacturing, predictive maintenance is a critical process that ensures that machines operate optimally. This reduces unplanned downtime and increases productivity. A predictive maintenance strategy [...]

What is Reshoring and How Is It Impacting American Manufacturers?

What is Reshoring, and How Is It Impacting American Manufacturers? Over the past few decades, American manufacturers have faced increasing competition from overseas offshore manufacturing companies. This is particularly prevalent among those in Asia, [...]

The Importance of OEM Tools and Partnerships in 2023

Regarding OEM Tools: Proform is an OEM Manufacturing Company's Best Friend Proform Manufacturing is a company that has been providing Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts for almost 40 years. As an experienced and reputable [...]

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