Proform Manufacturing Joins the Indiana Manufacturers Association

In September 2023, Proform Manufacturing joined the Indiana Manufacturers Association as a new member. This prestigious organization is Indiana’s leading advocate for the industry and works with manufacturers by hosting networking events, publications, training seminars, and exclusive member programs that support the backbone of the American economy: manufacturing.

About the Indiana Manufacturers Association

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Since its inception in 1901, the Indiana Manufacturers Association (IMA) has been a steadfast pillar of support for the manufacturing industry in the Hoosier State. With a rich history spanning over a century, the IMA stands today as the second oldest manufacturers association in the United States, and it proudly holds the distinction of being the only trade association in Indiana exclusively devoted to manufacturing.

A Century of Advocacy

The IMA’s journey began at a time when the American manufacturing sector was rapidly expanding. From its earliest days, the organization has been committed to advocating for a business climate that not only sustains but also nurtures quality manufacturing jobs in Indiana. Over the decades, the IMA has evolved, adapted, and grown, but its unwavering dedication to the manufacturing sector has remained constant.

A Unique Focus

What sets the Indiana Manufacturers Association apart is its exclusive focus on manufacturing. While many other trade associations encompass a wide range of industries, the IMA’s singular dedication to manufacturing allows it to dive deep into the unique challenges and opportunities that this sector presents. This specialization enables the IMA to provide targeted and effective support to Indiana’s manufacturers, helping them thrive in an ever-changing business landscape.

Advocating for Manufacturing Jobs

At its core, the IMA is dedicated to creating, protecting, and promoting quality manufacturing jobs in Indiana. This mission takes shape through various initiatives and advocacy efforts. The association works tirelessly to ensure that the legislative and regulatory environment in Indiana is conducive to manufacturing growth. By advocating for policies that support the industry, the IMA plays a pivotal role in safeguarding existing manufacturing jobs and creating new ones.

A Bright Future Ahead

As we move further into the 21st century, the Indiana Manufacturers Association continues to play a crucial role in shaping the future of manufacturing in Indiana. The association’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and workforce development ensures that the state’s manufacturing sector remains competitive on a global scale.

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About Proform Manufacturing

Proform Manufacturing is an American-owned precision machining, fabrication, and engineering job shop. Proform American Manufacturing does jobs such as small-batch medical parts to military production parts, large construction weldments, and much more. We do this with the following applications CAD, CAM, 5-axis machining, surfacing, prototypes, production lathe machining, large-scale weldments, Swiss-style machining, and more.

Please reach out to President Ryan Eger to learn more about the partnership.

Thank you for your support of Indiana and US-based manufacturing!

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