Surface Treatment Options

The best metal for your fabrication project often does not have all the properties or design elements that the parts require. Precision parts often require heightened strength and toughness, or treatments for anti-rusting, as well as a metal surface treatments to acquire a specific aesthetically pleasing look and feel. Surface treatment is improvements to the surface properties of a metal fabricated part.

Ones that add to the surface of the part – Metal Finishing. And ones that remove from the parts surface layer – Surface Finishing. Examples of metal finishing options that add to the surface layer include painting, powder coating, anodizing, and plating. Surface finishing options that remove parts from the surface layer include grinding, polishing, and abrasion.

Surface Treatment Sandblaster

Metal Finishing:

Utilizing these finishing techniques often creates a visually pleasing aesthetic or decorative surface coating. Metal finishing can also add a protective layer that safeguards the part from environmental conditions. This process hardens the metal or protects against natural oxidation and rusting.

Because metals are often exposed to numerous elements preventing rust, oxidation and corrosion are the most common surface treatments in metal fabrication. Another reason to choose a metal finishing treatment is to improve the part’s functionality or increase durability.

Surface Finishing:

On the opposite spectrum, surface finishing is techniques that remove aspects from the surface layer. These processes are functional coating utilized to change appearance, increase durability, or increase the functionality of a wide variety of metals.

In the same vein, removal processes create different aesthetics than adding treatments for a completely new finished look. Specific treatments also increase functionality and provide tighter tolerances.

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Eight popular surface treatment options in the metal fabrication process.

Fabrication Surface Treatment Powder Coating

Powder Coating

Powder Coating supplies an additional coating to the outer layer.

About Powder Coating
Fabrication Surface Treatment Sandblasting Finishing


Sandblasting strips the texture or finish off the surface of a part.

About Sandblasting
Fabrication Surface Treatment Passivation


Passivation is an acid bath to rust-proof a stainless steel machined part.

About Passivation
Fabrication Surface Treatment Black Oxide

Black Oxide

 Black oxide achieves a blackened, firm protective surface.

About Black Oxide
Fabrication Surface Treatment Heat Treating Metal

Heat Treating

Heat treat metal to harden, increase strength, or reduce wear.

About Heat Treating
Fabrication Surface Treatment Tumbling Treatment


A tumbling machine polishes and erodes rough edges gently away.

About Tumbling
Fabrication Surface Treatment Anodizing


Anodizing strengthens aluminum to a 9/10 on the hardness scale.

About Anodizing
Fabrication Surface Treatment Paint and Primer Coating

Paint & Primer

Paint & primer applies decorative protection from external elements.

About Paint & Primer

Surface treatment is the answer to get metal to do your bidding.

Secondary services have multiple benefits and options to customize your metal fabrication process to meet your specific project requirements. The professional fabricators at Proform American Manufacturing have multiple surface treatment options. The ones described above are some of the most popular surface treatments.

Yet, other surface treatments are available on request. Our experts know the metal fabrication process. We manipulate metals to achieve benefits that increase the productivity and longevity of your metal parts. It’s time to look to experts to get results: Proform American Manufacturing, metal fabrication professionals.

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Metal Surface Treatment