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Proform American Manufacturing has the capabilities and years of experience. We are custom metal cutting fabrication experts who have knowledge in many different industries. Our team is skilled and proficient in a complete range of fabrication services for full-service metal fabrication parts from start to finish. We utilize modern cutting machine technology, affording you the best possible solutions in the metal fabrication process.

Indeed, we produce millions of parts monthly with the highest quality standards and tight tolerances. Our skilled team is undoubtedly well versed in the various machines we use and a large variety of metal materials. That is to say; we’re able to get your job done to your specifications each time.

Repeat customers use Proform because of our skill, craftsmanship, and dedication to finding the correct solution.

Metal parts fabrication often comes with questions and problems. We help you resolve any issues before the process begins. Additionally, we create in soft metal, such as aluminum, and ferrous metal, such as carbon steel. Using a wide range of metal materials, we accommodate most project specifications. Further, with 30 cutting machines in-house, we have a cutting machine suitable for each job.

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Different Cutting Tools

There are different types of cutting tools and techniques. For instance, some general methods are saw cutting, punching, notching, boring, and drilling. Metal cutting uses specialized saws, shears, drills, and even extreme heat sources, such as in our plasma cutting section. Each tool performs a specific cutting function. Therefore, getting the right tool for the job makes a big difference.

Machining is an industry term referring to removing portions from a piece of raw metal.

Metal lathe cutting tools rotate the part as the selected tool cuts away portions of the material. Machining trims the component down bit by bit until it reaches the desired shape and precise measurement. Different types of saw cutting may be used for bars, tubes, rods, and sheet metal to accommodate the size and details of the job.

Punching is a technique often used for sheet metal to produce holes through the metal.

Punching uses a die bit and high pressure to create the hole. Similarly, thicker materials require drilling to make holes. Your part may go through multiple stages to complete a fabrication job to your project necessities. Some jobs may require welding, surface treatments, or additional metal fabrication services.

Modern Cutting Equipment

We have machines that are fully digital and run multiple cutting and tooling processes at the same time. These high-quality machines are metal cutting tools designed to achieve maximum capacity and efficiency in performance. As a result, your manufacturing project gets the latest technology and highest standards in quality. Also, simultaneously running multiple applications ensures we reduce your timeline for the fabrication process and keep costs down.

Proform American Manufacturing handles precision cutting of sheet metal up to 12 feet long. Likewise, we conduct Swiss-style machining of tiny parts that require the finest and most delicate complex shapes.

Subcategories of cutting include bending & forming, grinding, polishing, punching, and stamping.

Each cutting machine has its specific function. Bending & forming is a process that curves metal tubes, rods, and sheet metal at precise angles. For instance, our tube bending machines have a 3 inch round allowance. Grinding metal machines use abrasive tools to wear down a metal surface. Similarly, the polishing process uses a fine abrasive to create a smooth and defect-free metal finish. Finally, punching and stamping are both subsets of cutting.

Metal cutting is a widely applied term in metal fabrication to encompass multiple cutting techniques. Electronic cutting tools and milling tools in one machine with multi-axis movement allow multiple cuts and shaping to perform simultaneously. Hence, the ability to create complex precision parts of any shape and size.

As many high-tech machines perform more than one function at the same time, 5 axis machining allows the part inside the device to turn on five separate axes. This advanced movement eliminates or reduces manual parts repositioning before beginning another step. Versatile metal cutting machines turn the part on five different axis points. In this way, the machine interchanges cutting tool bits to cut, mill, drill, and even polish small precision metal components all in one machine.

These high-tech machines can perform several cuts in rapid succession or simultaneously. Furthermore, the higher speeds and five axes reduce issues with challenging designs. Computer numeral controls mean fewer errors and higher accuracy rates. Thus these superior metal cutting machines are ideal for small precision parts such as those needed in the medical field or electronics.

Learn more about What a 5 Axis Machine is Here.

While we have precision Swiss-style machining for our delicate small projects, conversely, we have production saws for larger projects. Larger projects often require more surface area when cutting to get the job done. Production saws handle thicker metal and can produce bigger fabricated metal parts. Consider that such saws often come with a larger work area as well. In this case, the workers can feed the materials into the machines easily.

Our large facility provides plenty of room to keep even your thicker material projects moving along quickly. So, whether your job calls for a circular saw, hand saw, reciprocating saw, or other large cutting tools, we have the equipment needed. We’ll get your precision metal fabrication project completed by skilled craftsmen to match your project specifications every time perfectly.

Our metal fabricators are also blueprinting specialists. Each fabricator is experienced in reading detailed blueprints. Proform American Manufacturing artisans train at cutting a large variety of metal materials. We cut large and small objects to exact measurements to meet your metal cutting specifications. So, if your next part is something big like farming equipment parts or something tiny like the screws that hold together eyeglasses, we can create it if it’s a metal part. Trust a professional to help you with your next metal cutting operation.

With 30 metal cutting machines and hundreds of machining possibilities, Proform American Manufacturing gets your next cutting and fabrication job done. Do you have questions or concerns about your metal fab project? Let us know. We are happy to help answer all your project scope concerns. We house plenty of metal materials and are ready to take on your next job today. All great projects begin with Proform American Manufacturing.

Swiss Precision Machining

Swiss-style precision machining involves computer-aided cutting initially designed for the finite details of the watch-making industry. Advances in technology have moved precision machining into many sectors, including auto, military & defense, medical, and electronics. Swiss machining is for cutting and shaping the tiniest detailed metal parts.

CNC Metal Cutting

CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) cutting maintains extremely tight variances of 0.005 while completing complex cuts quickly and synchronously. Computerized Numerical Control refers to programming computer software that reads the blueprints. The program specifics guide the metal cutting tools rapidly moving from one step to the next.

Detailed blueprints entered into the machine tell it to perform multiple tasks automatically per its programming. In CNC metal cutting, exact design specifications meet expectations on complex design options with ease. Complex design concerns are a thing of the past.

Industrial Metal Machining Cutting Process

Let Proform American Manufacturing provide our professional experience paired with the best tools and techniques for your project needs.

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